Call for papers , Manuscript submission last date 30th April 2018. Send to ijete.editor@ijete.org

ICRTIET-2014 Volume 2

 1. Using the product of two mutually perpendicular truncated polynomial series as shape function for rectangular plate analysis
Owus M. Ibearugbulem
Deepak Sharma, Deepa Sharma, Jai Prakash Sharma
 3. Synthesis,  Characterization  and  applications  of  Gentamicin  functionalizedFe3O4 nano hybrid
S.Palanikumar, B. Meenarathi, R.Anbarasan
 4. Synthesis, spectral characterization and application of Triazine based Schiffbase and its Cu-complex
Akbar Sowkath,  Mansur Ahmed ,  R.Anbarasan
 5. Error Concealment of Data Partitioning for H.264/AVC
Imran Ullah Khan, M.A.Ansari, Anurag Pandey
 6. Hydrodynamic characteristics of single phase fluid flow inside a helically coiled tube of small diameter
Ashish K Pandey, P K Mishra, K K Srivastava
 7. A Review of Pattern Recognition Techniques
Deepak Kumar, Jaiveer Singh
 8. Recent Technique in Design of Band Pass Filter in Microstrip Applications
Navita Singh, R.N.Bara1, Arun Kumar
 9. Computing the Satellite’s Coordinates using CORDIC Algorithm
Ankita Sharma, Neha Sharma, Sukomal
10. Design and Simulation of U Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna Using IE3D Software
Abhay Singh Kushwaha, Puneet Khanna
 11. Design of Wind-Photovoltaic Energy System
Namrata Singh, Sanjay Singh
Nikita Singh, Shri. S.K Singh
 13. Multi Threshold CMOS Leakage Reduction Technique
Suresh Patel, Dharmendra Kumar Gangwar, Shri S.K Singh, Shri Nishant
 14. Comparative Study of PI and Proportional Resonant Control for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter System
Vinay Sharma, Dharm Prakash Diwakar, Nishant Tripathi
 15. Home Security with Beagle Bone
Naveen Kumar Toshawar
 16. Spectroscopic Investigation of Manganese (II) Bakelite Composite
Reetuka Raj, B.Tiwari
 17. Enhancement  of  Industrial  Automation  Using  Single  Board  Computer Network
Shivam Dixit
 18. Studies on On-Street Parking Using License Plate Method In Basavangudi Bangalore
Arjun C A, Dr. M. S. Nagakumar
 19. Evaluation Of Capacity And Level Of Service Of Urban Roads
Ebin Nirmal Joseph , Dr.M.S.Nagakumar
 20. LMS and RLS based Adaptive Filter Design for Different Signals
Shashi Kant Sharma, Rajesh Mehra
 21. Group Delay Analysis of IIR Butterworth Filter for different Orders
Pinki, Rajesh Mehra
 22. Controlling the Stop Band Attenuation in FIR Filter
Tanuj Yadav, Rajesh Mehra
 23. Analysis of Power Spectrum Estimation Using Welch Method for Various Window Techniques
Pranay Kumar Rahi, Rajesh Mehra
 24. Adaptive Filter Design for Noise Reduction in Electrocardiography
Anamika Sharma, Rajesh Mehra
 25. Design  And  Performance  Analysis  Of  Band  Pass  Iir  Filter  For  Sonar Application
Vanshikha Singh, Rajesh Mehra
 26. Silicon Nanowire FET Hydrogen gas Sensor: Design Aspects
Monika Dubey
 27. National Program for Rehabilitation of Polluted Site – A Case Study
Anamika Paul, M Gulati, N Kandwal , S Grover