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Volume 3 Issue 7 July 2016 Edition

pp 48-52
Abstract: In this study, a solar dryer system designed to use convection sources of energy for drying agricultural product it is expensive process in developing countries. This research is a try to develop a solar dryer for figs. The aim is to produce a drying fig with good quality and decrease the drying time. Five different indirect design concepts were presented. All concepts that generated are indirect forced and natural convection of solar energy. All generation consists of the same dimensions and material made. One design concept was chosen after screening process which consists of a solar collector, a drying chamber, and chimney. Finally, the result was discussing five experiments that did to obtain the higher performance of solar dryer. The result recorded the average chamber temperature is 59°C compared with average ambient temperature is 32 °C. The theoretically result presented the dryer efficiency is 17.6%.
Abrar Ali Omar Al Zadjali, Santosh Walke
pp 53-57
Abstract: While the countries developed its economic, the sources of water are running down which may generate a shortage of water for the coming generations, so the government decide that, this water’s problem will effect for a long time period and will be a trouble for the country’s development, if no solution take place for fix this problem. Based on lack of water sources, Oman’s government determine a critical plan for saving the water sources, also government search about the evaporation factors and try to control those factor. The control strategy contains a radical solution to minimize the effectiveness of water shortage problem.
Water is the basis of the life, by the continuous of the water the life will continue. Previously the water pools has no benefit from it and people leave it as it is without any exploitation. But development of thin film surface coating for reduction of water evaporation research work start trade on those water pools for expand them uses and protect this water from losses specially by evaporation, that a physical process which usually occurs on water bodies ,both natural and man-made.
Thin film surface coating is determine as the best way to store the water pools by applying Polystyrene polymer and Tetra hydro furan solvent as a film on the surface of the water, thin layer will be formed and cover the water from evaporation.
This research work is divide into two sections as a theoretical and experimental part, where the theoretical part include search about the evaporation factors on water surface and the methods for reducing the rate of evaporation, while the experimental part express on finding the suitable methodology that can be follow in the research work. When the testing part is carried out, the evaporation rate is compared between the two trays which with the thin film and the tray under natural conditions to get the final result and discuss whether the research work is suitable for water shortage problem and how it will be helpful in the future.
The found out of this research work, thin film is the best solution to protect the water for a time and get benefit from the water pools while need for it without any losses and this research work determine as a modern way that depend on availability sources.
Abdul Matin Mistry, Prabodh Khampariya
pp 58-61
Abstract: Single- Phase, Single- stage current source inverter based photovoltaic system for grid connection without using transformer is proposed. This system is used for tracking the maximum power point and interfacing the photovoltaic array into the grid. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is maintained with the software controller. A proportional resonant controller to control the current injected into the grid. A double tuned parallel resonant circuit is used to attenuate the harmonics at the inverter dc side .CSI has been used to meet the grid requirements without using a high dc voltage or bulky transformer. CSI has become a preferred topology for interfacing PV system to the ac power grid, because of CSI provides a continuous dc side current. The energy stored element of CSI has a longer life time than VSI.MPPT is used to improve the system performance during normal and varying weather conditions.
T. Ravi Kumar Naidu, Gudipati. Pavan Kumar, TVS Gowtham Prasad
pp 62-66
Abstract: Due to the rapid growth of cyber revolution, developing a secret communication is a major task of security that has gained increasing importance. Steganography is an important technique used for secure communication. Steganography is an art of hiding secret message in another host message without letting anyone know about presence of secret message except the intended receiver. If an audio file is used as a cover file to hide secret data, then it is called audio steganography. Audio steganography requires a secret message which embedded within a cover audio message. Audio steganography is a challenging subject because human auditory system (HAS) is more sensitive than human visual system (HVS). This paper explains about different audio steganographic techniques and their strengths and weaknesses.